It all began as a home cinema project in a converted garage underneath our house in the south of France.

Then came the discovery that opera on DVD was pretty good projected onto a 330 cm screen with decent DTS sound.

And then came High Definition.

As more and more operas and ballets were released on Blu-Ray, it soon became obvious that watching them on a big screen with a stunning full HD image and incredible sound was a truly unique experience!

We therefore decided to make the home cinema

into a fully fledged “Home Opera Theatre” with appropriate decoration and accessories to create the right atmosphere.

And so, L’OperaDou was born!

Experiencing “La Traviata”, “La Boheme” or “Sleeping Beauty” under such ideal conditions is something that would be unbelievably self-indulgent if you kept it to yourself.  And so, a small circle of friends was slowly built up with whom this experience could be shared. Some of them were seasoned opera-goers, while others had never seen an opera before in their lives! But NONE of them realised what High Definition could deliver and how many productions are now being released on Blu-Ray!

This circle soon became the L’OperaDou Jury which now consists of at least 12 professional musicians, dancers, performers and true opera/ballet afficionados who critically view one or two productions a month. Their findings and comments are posted on our “OperaDou Archives” site, with the aim of providing guidance to buyers of opera and ballet on Blu-Ray. This  spurs many to go to local opera houses and HD transmissions from the New York Met and the ROH.

This, in fact, is the real vocation of L’OperaDou - which, by the way, has absolutely no commercial ambitions. Jury members are not asked to make any kind of financial contribution to the cost of screenings.

They are however invited to bring along food and wine for the interval, which makes for a very convivial get-together in the theatre’s “Rosenkavalier Bar”. This break also gives everyone a chance to discuss the production and compare the experience with actually “being there”.

Creating this site was the natural next step. Not only to keep the pool of potential Jury members informed about future showcase screenings, but also to provide information about where to buy previously reviewed productions (see links in the “Programme”, “Trial by Jury”, “Resources” and “Archive” sections) and share it with the constantly growing number of visitors to the site from all over the world. For the site is becoming a means of spreading the news about the HD operatic experience to a very much wider audience. Many more than we can ever accommodate on one of our Juries !    

A new departure since the end of 2012 has been a series of “OperaDou LIVE!” concerts in which local musicians perform their music at OperaDou with a specially adapted seating configuration that can hold as many as 35 people !

We very much hope you enjoy your visit, and would welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. We’d love to hear from you!



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We had the privilege of being visited by Tony Baines, Secretary of the UK Federation of Recorded Music Societies (FRMS) and his wife Sheila on 24 September 2010 for the screening of Opus Arte’s L’Elisir d’Amore from Glyndebourne.

Watch the video and hear how he describes the HD opera experience at L’OperaDou., e.g.:

I’m very, very impressed.

I had to keep reminding myself

it wasn’t a live performance.


The OperaDou  Theatre organ — a Roland Classic C-330 supplied by